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Jay Alm live at the Lowman Inn

Lowman Inn, 7600 ID-21, Lowman, ID

Rock'n'roll return to the beautiful Lowman Inn! Had an amazing time playing here last spring. Right near the Payette river and all sortsa excellent wilderness nearby. Great bar as well! Drive out from Boise and hear some original Acoustic Rock stylings for free from 7-10 pm. This place is worth the trip!


Jay Alm live in Helena

Broadwater Hot Springs, Helena, MT

Come soak in Helena! Live acoustic scratch folk coming to you from Missoula artist Jay Alm. Plenty of pools to choose from while Jay emits original songwriting from "All The Birds Get Dizzy," "Luna's Appendix," and "To the Moon In Your Skull." music going from 6-9 pm....


Jay Alm live in Missoula

Conflux Brewing, Missoula, MT

Rad, fall-flavored return to Conflux tap house in downtown Missoula, Montana. Jay Alm plays live tunes that sounds a little like Rock'n'roll mixed with Alternative folk and Neo-pagan warbling gone psychedelic. Acoustic, mostly original music and excellent craft brew. Thursday night of free 6:00-8:30ish....

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